Tesla’s CyberBeer: Here’s What You Should Know

Tesla, the automobile company owned by Elon Musk, is now selling CyberBeer. If you love Tesla and alcoholic drinks, the company’s latest offering is right up your alley. And while it’s not a new automobile that will wear a hole in your wallet, this new product does not come cheap either.

The beer is being sold in the United States as part of a limited-edition set. It likewise includes two reusable ceramic CyberSteins. Each set, which includes two CyberBeers, costs $150. Shipping rate is at $15.

Shipping begins sometime in late October, according to the Tesla website. However, those interested to try Tesla’s beer can already pre-order.

Tesla’s CyberBeer

Tesla describes the CyberBeer as “a Helles Lager with European Noble Hops Saaz and Hallertau Mittlefruh.”

Tesla points out on its website that the limited-edition set is meant to remind buyers of the Cybertruck, which has already started production but is yet to be delivered to its owners.

“Accentuated by notes of herb and spice and more notable aromas of tea and citrus, each bottle features a gloss black sleeve with a CyberBeer watermark (that looks even better chilled),” the website states.

“The two matte black ceramic beer steins were glazed and fired to mirror the form of Cybertruck and finished with a gloss interior and signature Tesla logo,” it adds.

It should be noted that those interested to purchase the CyberBeer must be 21 years old and above.

Tesla’s GigaBier

While the 7% ABV CyberBeer is available in the US, it has a European counterpart, the GigaBier. The alcoholic drink was made available to certain areas in Europe just last May.

A German pilsner, the GigaBier is sold in packs of three 11-ounce bottles, according to Food & Wine. However, they cannot be shipped to the US for those in the country who want to try it.