Kim Jae Joong Releases Pre-Release Single “I AM U” Ahead of His 20th-Anniversary Album

Kim Jae Joong has released a new single, “I AM U,” ahead of his upcoming full-length 20th-anniversary album, FLOWER GARDEN, which will be released later this month on June 26th.

“I AM U”  is a track dedicated to Kim Jae Joong’s listeners; the singer contributed to the lyric writing to express his shared memories with his fans over the course of his 20-year-long career.

Recently, Kim Jae Joong successfully wrapped up his fan concert ‘I’M TWENTY’ having performed in South Korea, Australia, Macau, Taiwan, and Japan.

This new single is his first music release of 2024. His previous album, BORN GENE, was released in September 2022.