TechLife Pad featured image.

Entertainment Made Easy: The brand new TechLife Pad will fulfill all your digital needs

TechLife Philippines unveils its first tablet, perfectly blending entertainment and productivity in one package

The TechLife Fam is in for a treat with the upcoming release of the brand new TechLife Pad on June 27. This fresh addition to the TechLife lineup caters to all the digital needs of the TechLife Fam, seamlessly blending entertainment and productivity into one sleek package.

From catching up on the latest series, tackling assignments, to staying connected with friends and family, the TechLife Pad is designed to enhance and simplify daily routines for users of all ages.


Big on entertainment

The TechLife Pad offers an exceptional entertainment experience, perfect for listening to music, watching videos, or both. Thanks to its stunning 10.36″ large 2K Display, the TechLife Fam offers a vibrant viewing experience for a portable home theater feel. It is complemented with Quad Stereo Speakers to deliver rich, immersive sound that fills any room, effortlessly bringing movies and series to life.


Multitasking buddy

The TechLife Pad is built to accommodate busy schedules. Powered by Android 14 and a Unisoc T606 processor that supports LTE and VoLTE, users can seamlessly switch between work, social media, and personal projects for efficient multitasking.

The wide display also features a Split Screen View which lets users manage and answer emails, attend online meetings, and read e-books simultaneously.

Staying connected with family and friends is also made easier because of its portability and massive 7000mAh battery, making it an ideal travel companion. With a standby time of at least 15 hours and a total playback time of 4.4 hours for music, the TechLife Fam can stay connected and entertained on the go.

The easy-to-navigate interface also ensures that the TechLife Pad is accessible, keeping everyone effortlessly in touch.


The tablet for everyone

Overall, the TechLife Pad combines the best entertainment and productivity in a sleek, user-friendly design. It’s a perfect fit for millennials, students, or anyone looking for a device that adapts to the needs of modern life.

The best part is that its portability makes it easy to fit anyone’s on-the-go lifestyle. Whether for work, play, or simply staying in touch, the TechLife Pad is the way to go.

Catch the official launch on June 27 at 6pm, streaming live on TechLife Philippines’ official Facebook page. For updates on other deals and announcements, follow TechLife on Instagram and TikTok.