Crazy Town Singer Shifty Shellshock

Crazy Town Vocalist Shifty Shellshock Dead at 49

Crazy Town singer Shifty Shellshock, or Seth Binzer in real life, reportedly died at the age of 49 on Monday, June 24. Binzer was found dead in his home, according to a report. The cause of death is yet to be determined by the Los Angeles medical examiner. Binzer would’ve turned 50 in August.

In the early 2000s, his band Crazy Town released their smash hit “Butterfly” from their debut album, The Gift of Game. With the song reaching the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, the nu-metal group achieved their lone platinum record. Despite the success of their single “Butterfly,” their second and 2002 album Darkhorse fell short of the success of their first album, leading the band to split up the following year.

Previous reports said that Binzer was engaged in substance abuse and addiction, which had caused some issues for the group, such as getting booted off Ozzfest in 2000 after an arrest over a drunken antic. Since then, the band has dealt with problems. In April of 2023, (hed)p.E. removed Crazy Town from the Nu-Metal Madness 2 tour after Binzer’s brawl with his bandmate after missing a show.